Vacuum Cleaner on a Stick

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Vacuum cleaners in the US are different. I am used to a brush, pipe, hose and somewhere behind me the vacuum on wheels following me around. Here the whole thing is on a stick.

The good thing is that you don’t hit all the furniture and walls behind you with your vacuum on wheels. The bad thing is that you’re moving around the whole machine on a stick.

Rotating brushWe just bought a Shark RotatorĀ® Professional. That’s right a Professional! It has lights and lots of switches and as a guy I like machines with lights and switches.

It also has a rotating brush. Living in a house with two girls with long hair I’m not so sure about that feature. After every time I use the vacuum it takes me longer to pull all the hair out of the rotating brush again!

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    Yes but in Germany they give you a heater to put in your beer. Right- no connection unless you are in my mind..And, really? Are you supposed to pull the hair out of the vacuum rollers? Hm,,,that’s why mine isn’t doing such a good job. Love your posts, Stefan.

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