License Plate Sticker Debacle

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Today was the big day! After 4 weeks practicing with my Instruction Permit I had my drivers test. I had to be at the DMV (The Division of Motor Vehicles) at 09:40 am.

Before I tell more you need to know something about the DMV here in Frisco. It is not the most pleasant place to visit. We’ve had numerous visits here and we never know what the mood in the office there will be!

Now that you understand about the atmosphere there you can imagine I was a little nervous for my test, even after 30 years of driving experience.

After the paperwork (car insurance and registration) we walked out to the car. She told me to get in the car and buckle up. Before I opened the door she said no, this is not right! We can’t drive because the stickers on your license plate aren’t in the correct locations! The 12 needs to be on the left and the 15 on the right.

Oh? Ok! Now what? Drive to Breck and apply for new stickers, she told me. Then come back and we can go for the drive.

Kris is proud of her old Colorado license plate (the colors are reversed on the new plates) and wants to keep all the year stickers on there. Apparently she put the year sticker over the month sticker and that was not allowed. I drove home to Kris and there we decided to just peel off the year sticker and stick it on the right side, hoping it would stay there until after the test.

Back to the DMV for my test. Luckily the stickers were approved and we started the drive. That part wasn’t too difficult in the small town of Frisco. A few stop signs, traffic lights and left turns and it was done. The speeding (I was informed 21 or 22 is too fast in a 20 mph zone!) would get me in trouble she told me; but apart from that I passed! 🙂

After the drive, there was more paperwork. They wanted proof of local address – again! Yes, that’s on my permit. No, I need more proof … After another drive home to get the proof I finally got my Colorado drivers license.

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    Janine van der Meij
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    All part of the American-style “inburgeringscursus”?
    I bed you know your social-security number by heart. Since you need it on every step you make;-).
    Good luck on improving your Amercanism.

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